Low-fee therapy

Vacancies for psychotherapy at a substantially reduced fee are occasionally available in East Anglia. These placements are not determined or funded by the Zeitlyn Training Fund but are offered and closely overseen by national psychotherapy Training Institutes.

The therapy, often at a very low fee, is provided by a clinically experienced professional who is in an advanced training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Such psychotherapy, as part of a low-fee scheme run by a Training Institute, can be an ideal opportunity for a person who is seeking an intensive therapy but cannot afford the full cost of such treatment.

Vacancies offered by a low-fee scheme are relatively scarce but members of the Board of Management will often know if any are available in your locality. Enquiries can be made via the Administrator of the Training Fund using our contact page, and you can find more information about specific vacancies for low-fee places on the calendar page.

Applications for a low-fee vacancy will need to be made directly to the Training Institute offering the vacancy. An assessment meeting will then be offered with a Senior Psychotherapist. If accepted into therapy under the low-fee scheme, you will be expected to commit to having therapy for up to two years and to meet with your therapist 2 – 4 times a week depending on the Training Institute.