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The B. B. Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund was founded by Alice Zeitlyn in 1980 in memory of her husband Dr Bernard Zeitlyn, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, from 1956 until his premature death in 1979.

The charitable status of the Training Fund was formulated with the core aim of “the promotion of the education and training of psychotherapists”… and specifically “to help those living in the Cambridge and East Anglia area who wish to train as psychotherapists but have difficulty in meeting their expenses.”

The founding articles emphasize that funding should provide for “the highest standards of training” central to which was “a commitment to undertake personal therapy” on the part of recipients of funding.

Dr Bernard B. Zeitlyn

Bernard Zeitlyn was born in London in 1922 where he trained as a psychiatrist. Postgraduate training posts included The Maudesley Hospital, St Bernard’s Hospital in Ealing, and The Cassell Hospital in Ham Common. At the same time he undertook a Freudian training at the Institute of Psychoanalysis in London, and attained his MD qualification.

In 1956, Bernard was appointed Consultant Psychiatrist at Fulbourn Hospital and Addenbrooke’s and worked successfully with Dr David Clarke to unlock the closed wards of Fulbourn. He remained at Fulbourn and Addenbrooke’s Hospitals until his death in a bicycle accident in 1979. Bernard founded a very popular series of Saturday morning lectures on psychiatric topics, of interest to a wider audience, and he established a Balint-type workshop for local GPs to help them to deepen their understanding of psychological aspects of their clinical work with their patients. In 1977 he became a Foundation Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

His dedication to his work and his unique contribution to the promotion of a wider understanding of psychiatry and psychotherapy in East Anglia continues to be recognised long after his death.