Please see below details of any event of interest to the psychotherapy and counselling community that is scheduled to take place in the East Anglian region. All educational events put on by the Zeitlyn Training Fund are listed, together with details of how to book to attend.

Contact us if you have a forthcoming event – a lecture or seminar, workshop or conference – that you would like to advertise on our calendar.

Opportunity for a 4x weekly low-fee analysis

based in Cambridge, UK

There is currently an opportunity for a man who is prepared to commit to four analytic sessions/week for two years with an experienced trainee of the SAP (Society of Analytical Psychology).

Infant Observation Seminars

based in Cambridge, UK

Wednesday 12.45 – 2.15pm

These mother/infant studies are an hour’s observation weekly at the family home over a period of two years. Each observation is written up in detail and then discussed in a weekly group with other observers. The purpose is to learn how to observe emotional development in the infant and how to think about it.