Vacancies for Low-Fee Psychotherapy

There are currently a number of vacancies available in the Eastern region for adults who are seeking individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy but who may not be in a position to afford usual professional charges. At the moment such vacancies exist in or near Cambridge and in or near Colchester.

Low-fee treatment is offered by a number of nationally established psychotherapy training institutions, subject to a detailed assessment by a senior psychotherapist attached to and appointed by the institution offering the vacancy. Treatment takes place as part of that institution's established Reduced Fee Psychotherapy Scheme.

To be eligible for the scheme, applicants should be able to offer a commitment to attend a minimum of two to four times weekly sessions of psychoanalytic psychotherapy (depending upon the training institution) for a minimum period of two years.

Treatment is provided by an experienced and highly-trained professional (e.g. a psychologist, a doctor, or a counsellor) who is undertaking an advanced professional training in Psychoanalytic or Jungian Analytic Psychotherapy. Treatment takes place under the supervision of the responsible training institution. Under the Low-Fee Scheme, professional charges are agreed between the applicant and his or her appointed psychotherapist but are generally around £6 - £15 per session depending on what the applicant can afford. Similarly, the times of sessions (two, three or four times weekly) are agreed between the therapist and the applicant.

This is a highly worthwhile opportunity for individuals who are seriously committed to exploring personal psychotherapy as a way of obtaining insight and help with current problems in their internal psychological life and/or their relationships, or who have suffered with mental health problems that may be amenable to a psychotherapeutic approach (such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders or psychological consequences of trauma).

Please contact one of us if you would like to know more about opportunities for Low-Fee Psychotherapy and how to apply.

Dr Tim Fox  (telephone: 01799 540860)
Martha Stevns (telephone: 01223 365388)

On behalf of the Board of Management
B.B.Zeitlyn Psychotherapy Training Fund